Lower Deschutes River Aquatic Insect Hatch Activity Report Authored by Rick Hafele

The Deschutes River Alliance (DRA) is pleased to announce the completion of the Lower Deschutes Macroinvertebrate Hatch Activity Survey Results report written by Rick Hafele, the acknowledged aquatic insect expert in the Pacific Northwest.

With a sense of deep appreciation for the work and expertise Rick Hafele put into this report, we announce that the report is available on the Deschutes River Alliance website.


We also want to express our appreciation to John Smeraglio of Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop, Damien Nurre of Deep Canyon Outfitters,


and Steve Light of Deschutes Angler Fly Shop for their combined contributions to the report.

Steve Light

Steve Light

This report documents, for the first time, what many anglers have been concerned about on the lower Deschutes River.  The bug hatches have changed.  Rick designed a data collection form for guides to use on the lower river to report their observations of insect hatches during float trips on the river.  The three guides who participated this year are all very knowledgeable regarding aquatic insect identification.

March Brown mayfly by David Moskowitz

March Brown mayfly by David Moskowitz

The news in the report is not good.  Something is changing in the lower river.  We can’t say yet what those changes are.  But we do know that it’s not just the  aquatic insects.  The river bottom has become increasingly covered with golden brown algae over the past few years.  We fear that the algae is linked to the changes being observed in bug hatches.  There are multiple documents now on our website that establish how we arrived at this conclusion.

Pale Evening Dun Photo by David Moskowitz

Pale Evening Dun
Photo by David Moskowitz

This summer we will be embarking on an aggressive science based data collection effort that will look for changes in water quality, document changes in algae production and identify the species involved.  We will also be doing a broader more robust collection of data regarding aquatic insect hatches.

Special thanks to the many that are helping making this possible.  Our state and federal agency partners have been essential to this undertaking.  The same needs to be said of the volunteers who are helping us.  And a very special thanks goes out to the Deschutes River Alliance donors who are making this possible.

If you would like to support the 2014 Hatch Survey and Report, please consider making a contribution today!

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