We Have a New Staff Member! By Greg McMillan

It is with a great deal of excitement that I am able to announce that starting April 1, 2015, we have a new paid staff member. Andrew Dutterer has been hired as our new Administrative Director.

Andrew Dutterer

                          Andrew Dutterer

We are restructuring the DRA by eliminating the position of Executive Director, previously held by David Moskowitz. Dave will now be our Director of Development and Outreach. This will increase our capacity to do fundraising by freeing Dave from the full responsibilities of administrative management of the organization.

Andrew brings not only a deep love for the lower Deschutes River to his position, but a background and experience in business management. He is also finishing a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science with a focus in collaborative watershed management. Andrew is also a highly skilled fly angler and fly tier. Could we have asked for a more perfect set of qualifications? Yes we could. And Andrew fits those qualifications too. He is driven, a very hard worker, and dedicated to the future of the lower Deschutes River. Add to that his personal charm and we know we have the right person in the right position at the right time.

We want to thank Dave Moskowitz for his efforts as Executive Director. He has, in many ways, been a one-man show for the front office of the DRA during some of our most difficult and formative times. We are delighted to take some of the load off of his shoulders!

If you see either of these guys on the river, shake their hands and tell them thanks. The future of the lower Deschutes River is in no small part riding on their efforts.